Day 36: Ordained for Outreach

Take a day to pause and reflect on what you've learned over the last five days.

The founding president of our denomination (the LC‐MS) wrote these words: "No one should say, 'I am not a pastor, a teacher, or a preacher. Let them teach, instruct, comfort, and lead souls to Christ. I wish to remain in my own vocation.' No, Christian, you are baptized, and through Holy Baptism you have already been anointed and called to be a priest of God. Through Holy Baptism each Christian has been consecrated, ordained and installed into the ministry to teach, admonish and comfort his neighbor. Through Holy Baptism each Christian has received not only the authority, power and right, but also the high and holy obligation to do his part that others may be brought to Christ…" *

This is the kind of thinking God’s Word inspires in His people. Therefore, consider again the following questions for your discussion with friends or family. (As a reminder, if you're unable to meet with others right now, we invite you to journal through these things by yourself.)

  1. Which day’s reading and/or passage of Scripture was the most significant for you this week? Why?
  2. What have you learned about people (or yourself) in the past day’s readings and prayer times?
  3. What have you learned about God in the past day’s readings and prayer times?
  4. What changes in your life have you felt the Holy Spirit nudging you to make this week?

* A sermon preached by C.F. W. Walther in 1842 as printed in the Lutherisches Volksblatt, Anniversary Edition, Summer 2004, p. 7‐8