Day 14: Four States Of Human Existence

Read 2 Peter 3:9-13

The end of the world as we know it signals the beginning of a new world—where sin and death are gone and all is good! But why the delay? Why are we still living in this broken world? A survey of humanity’s trajectory gives perspective:

Creation: God created a good world. Only two people experienced this world in perfection: Adam and Eve. The Bible tells us they sinned, introducing a world of hurt and the plight of inevitable death to all who followed.

Perdition: Ever since Adam and Eve’s “original sin”, every generation has lived on the path of sin and death. Nothing we could do would save us. So God sent His Son.

Salvation: Jesus Christ thought a relationship with us was worth dying for. Therefore, Jesus died on the cross to rescue us. All who receive Christ pass from the road to perdition to eternal salvation! All creation longs for this hope to be fulfilled.

Resurrection: We long for the day of Christ’s return when we no longer live by faith, but by sight. God promised that we will all see Jesus face‐to‐face and that all creation will be made right! God is not slow in fulfilling His promise, but patiently waits for everyone to hear the message of salvation!

Therefore, we remain in this broken world primarily to share with others the life‐saving and comforting message we have received. Otherwise, God may as well have snatched us out of the world as soon as we believed! But the Lord has left us here so that we may share the Good News with other people, doing for them what someone else has done for us.