Day 15: Know Christ & Make Christ Known

Read John 1:35-51

God gave us our relationships on purpose. God always intended to leverage our connections with family and friends for their good. God uses people to reach people.

When Jesus called his first disciples, many of them were related! We just read that the “first thing” Andrew and Philip did after coming to know Christ was to find their brothers and make Christ known. Who was the Philip or Andrew in your life? Who was it that told you about Jesus? God likely used more than one person, but odds are God used a family member to sow the first seeds of faith into your heart. We know from the Gospel Bridge (referenced on Day 9) that we cannot do anything to save ourselves, but we play a very big part in the salvation of others.

Martin Luther wrote, “We live on earth for no other purpose than to be helpful to others. Otherwise it would be best for God to take away our breath and let us die as soon as we are baptized and have begun to believe. But He has let us live here in order that we may lead other people to believe, doing for them what He has done for us.” In other words, the resurrection hasn’t happened yet. If you are saved, God has left you in this world for the sake of those who are not yet saved.

But a warning from a sitcom is necessary:
In the beginning of an episode of Seinfeld, Elaine described a cute guy at work who seemed to be flirting with her. Later in the program, when asked what came of the guy, Elaine replied, “Oh, he was just a Christian trying to convert me” (the laugh track roared). We don’t want our friends to think we see them as outreach‐projects. Our goal is friendship. Sharing Jesus is our hope.