Day 13: Faith Family Activities

Read Acts 2:41-47

March of the Penguins, a 2005 nature documentary, portrays the annual pilgrimage of emperor penguins of Antarctica. Morgan Freeman’s iconic voice asserted that the tribe of penguins’ “only defense against the freezing cold is the group itself.” Separation from the tribe makes “hope of survival remote.” Who knew 80 minutes about the life and activities of flightless birds could keep our attention? It must be the tuxedos!

The book of Acts portrays the life and activities of the early Christian Church. It began with a crowd in Jerusalem, on a day known as Pentecost, hearing a sermon ignited by the Holy Spirit. Three thousand people believed and were baptized! Throughout the book of Acts, we see that their best defense against the cold world is in the group itself. What did these first Christians do together?

These first Christians were devoted to the “apostles’ teaching,” which was written as the New Testament. They also made “fellowship” a priority. Their devotion to meeting together found two expressions. They gathered at the temple for corporate worship. They also met in each other’s homes as small groups, because large gatherings—as at worship—do not provide the best context for life sharing that smaller gatherings foster.

Other happenings among them are noteworthy. Miracles were reported—God still does these. They gave sacrificially to the needs among them—generosity still happens among us. And “the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved”. In other words, we do not exist for ourselves, but God wants to use our faith family to attract not‐yet members. Know any?