Day 1: Jesus Is The Answer

Read John 5:30-47

We all have unanswered questions. Here is one question that puts them into perspective: “What is brown, furry, eats nuts, and climbs trees?” Jesus is the answer! Allow me to explain…

Many churches gather all the kiddos for a special “children’s message” during their services—the part of services adults tend to enjoy the most! During one of these gatherings, the pastor asked the children, “What is brown, furry, eats nuts, and climbs trees?” All the children’s hands shot-up yearning to be called upon to share the answer. But one little girl simply shouted: “Jesus!” The congregation guffawed. But the little girl was right. After all, whether the pastor used an empty egg shell, a toothpaste-tube and paper plate, pencils bound by rubber bands, or any other object lesson, he always ended the message with Jesus. That little girl simply jumped to the conclusion with her answer. Jesus did the same during a Q&A session.

In today’s passage, Jesus made an outrageous claim, if it were not true. Jesus claimed that the whole Bible was written about him (John 5:39; see also Luke 24:27). All Scripture was written to point us to Jesus. Jesus was talking to serious Bible students who completely missed the point: Jesus! But for God’s grace, we can end up making the same mistake! As we get into God’s Word, let us pray that we gain more than deeper knowledge (though knowledge is great!), and more than tools for a better life (these are also very desirable!), but a closer relationship with Jesus.

I once saw a statement spray painted onto the side of a building stating, “Jesus is the answer!” I never heard of graffiti-evangelism before! Someone painted a question below it: “What’s the question?” For us, every question comes back to Jesus!