Intro: Plural On Purpose

You want more, right? You want to know God better, live your faith fully, and experience the abundant life Jesus came to give. I have planned these materials to fulfill your longing, but not completely. After all, the hunger in your heart is a good thing. Your desire to grow is Holy Spirit inspired. These materials are intended to feed your hunger and stoke it!

You can use these daily readings and responses all by your lonesome, but you will be missing out. When we read God’s Word by ourselves, we quickly discover that a lone coal does not easily stay hot. It tends to ash-out. Scripture was written to, and is best used in, communities. Like flint and steel, you will find your faith sparked through interaction with other believers. Ideally, after you prayerfully journal the daily devotions, you will then talk about your takeaways with a committed partner or group. These conversations will ignite insights. The accountability of others will keep the fire in your heart burning.

As you read the Scriptures, you’ll discover that whatever we get from God is intended to be given. God blesses us to bless others. God chooses us to reach others. God works in us and works through us. Therefore, another hope packed in between every written line you read is that you will not only process the content of these materials with others your first time through, but that you will start the whole process over again with somebody new! God calls us to be fruitful and multiply!

Please notice the name of this book: The Book of New Beginnings. The “s” on the end is on purpose. We want more because God wants more. We want more forgiveness. God wants more people to know his forgiveness. We want more out of life! God wants to give life to more people. Amazingly, when we join God in sharing his Word with others (sharing more life and forgiveness), we ourselves experience it more. Want more? Give away to others what God gives to you. These materials serve that purpose.