Day 2: Trust The One Who Died For You

Read Romans 5:6-8

A beautiful ocean sunrise seen from a vacation resort has probably led many to thank God for his splendorous creation and provision. At the same resort, after a tsunami turned villas into debris and killed many in its wake, many questioned God’s goodness altogether. We cannot look at our circumstances in this broken world to know God’s heart. We must look to Jesus.

The Bible tells us that God demonstrates his love for us in his Son—the one who died for us. We will be left with many unanswerable questions in this life. “Why did God do a miracle for that person, but let another die?” “How can a good God allow such evil?” “Why some and not others?” We cannot know how to answer these questions. In the face of these contradictions to our best hopes, we are pointed to the cross of Christ. This image raises another question.

Can you trust someone willing to die for you? The question should be rhetorical. You can. Of course you can trust someone who is willing to jump in front of a bullet to save your life. You know that person has your best interests at heart. And so imagine a crucifix and see Jesus’ twisted body nailed upon it. Jesus died the death we deserved. Jesus spread out his arms and said, “I love you this much.” And Jesus rose again to guarantee that even the worst fate in this life is only temporary.

We do well to admit that we are as perplexed as anyone else when looking at world events—and many of our own. Sometimes the best answer to a hard question is, “I don’t know.” What we do know is that God loves us and has demonstrated it for all time in his Son. Jesus shows that we can trust him.