Welcome to NBLC's Vision Framework

You know NBLC's mission slogan:
"To know Christ, and make Christ known!"

There is far more to know about your faith family. What is it that frames our decisions, budget process, and other organizational stuff? Some people yawn at these topics and others become jazzed to know what's what.

Wherever you find yourself on that spectrum, please familiarize yourself with our Vision Framework. As you do, please keep in mind the metaphor of viewing the ocean through a picture frame.

First, let's talk about our


By the power of God's Holy Spirit, we are working toward a preferred future locally and globally. But who can really know the future? We may aim at a goal and find the world has changed so drastically by the time we arrive at our target, we must adapt our vision pursuits to match the new reality. Like ocean waves, the landscape of the future is constantly changing; the economy, technology, relationships, and myriad other details can undermine the best laid plans. But we must plan for the future. We will pursue a vision.

Second, let's talk about our


We view the ever-changing future through reliable boundaries. Even though we must adapt to the shifting currents of our time, we look at opportunities through a reliable grid. The four sides of our framework include our Mission, Motivation, Method, and Measures. These criteria are how we plan and adapt as we enter the uncharted waters of next week, let alone next year. As you read through the Vision Framework, you'll get a glimpse of what God has done and is doing through our congregation and how we approach each effort. You'll also start learning how we speak about what we prayerfully pursue. We believe that God's leading includes God's provision. You, friend, are proof of that. We thank God we are partnering to do something greater than any one of us can achieve alone. We look forward, with you, to the future!