What a strange question!

Our church doesn’t think God is out to get people. That’s not what we mean when we talk about “God messing with you.” We got this question from a pastor named Greg Finke, and he explains what the question means:

     “It is a question designed to make [people] stop and think…. It’s not a phrase that assumes Jesus has been bullying or picking on someone. It’s more along the line of, 'How’s Jesus been trying to get your attention lately? What’s He been showing you? What’s He been stirring in you? How has He made you uncomfortable with your status quo?'"

     “Jesus messes with us so that we stop and look around. He wants us to take note of what He is already doing around us. He wants us to look up from our routines and notice the world is changing and He is already on the move in response."

     “And why does Jesus need our attention for that? Because He intends for us to join Him.”

If you’re reading this, we think God got your attention!

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