Day 52: Jesus Or Genie?

Read John 15:5-8

Disney’s Genie appeared to Aladdin announcing, “Right here direct from the lamp, right here for your wish fulfillment… You got some power in your corner now. Some heavy ammunition in your camp. You got some punch, pizzazz, yahoo and how. See all you gotta do is rub that lamp.” Who wouldn’t want an all-powerful genie that grants wishes? Who wouldn’t want to be the one who pulls the strings?

We are all tempted at times to treat God like our own personal genie—or like a marionette. This is the way pagan religions work. People try to gain power and direction by controlling and appeasing spiritual forces. This reveals that they remain the masters of their own lives. Their gods are little more than puppets to help them attain their goals. We were made for God, not vice versa.

Life is not about getting God to do what we want, but letting God do what He wants in and through us. Jesus loves us deeply and does invite us to give Him our requests (John 15:7). As our loving Master, He will provide and take care of us. Yet, as His servants, our first concern is to seek and obey His will.
The puppet image is helpful here—if we understand God is the one holding us up. We are not puppets, but we want to move as God leads. God promises to show us His will from His Word—the Bible. The marionette sticks represent God’s Word. God leads us in daily decisions through prayer, fellowship, our reason, and our circumstances. These four hang upon the Word. Therefore, always check advice from others, your experiences, feelings, and thoughts to make sure they do not go against what God’s Word says.