Day 34: Your Story

Read Acts 26:1-32

When asked how he knew God existed, Billy Graham said, “I know because I spoke with Him this morning.” You may not be an eyewitness of Jesus’ death and resurrection, but you have experienced Him in your life. Your “testimony” is a powerful way to share Jesus. Paul modeled how to tell your story:

A. Paul described his BC (Before Christ) days (Acts 26:4‐5, 9‐11). What was your life like before you became a follower of Jesus? (If you only remember life with Jesus, your focus will be on ‘C’ below).
FOR EXAMPLE: I went through my youth questioning everything. I asked why I had to go to school. Nobody gave me a worthwhile reason, so I barely graduated from high school with a 1.9 GPA. I ran away from home, joining the Marine Corps, to seek thrills.

B. Paul described his encounter with Christ in Acts 26:13. How did you encounter Jesus Christ in your life? This may not be as dramatic as Paul’s, but your friends will likely relate to your story.
FOR EXAMPLE: When I received Jesus Christ, everything took on meaning and I truly began living! I wanted to learn everything I could to better serve my Savior. I give Jesus credit for graduating valedictorian from college. Jesus answered all of my questions.

C. Paul described his life after he came to know Christ (AD—Anno Domini, or “in the year of our Lord”) in Acts 26:19‐23. What change has Christ worked in your life—not just in the past, but even recently? Why do you still feel compelled to follow Christ?
FOR EXAMPLE: Today, Jesus is my motivation to be a better husband and father. Jesus keeps me stable when circumstances change. If it weren't for Jesus, I'd end up giving up on many things, but He keeps me going. I look forward to seeing Him face to face.