We believe Your Five is foundational for living as the body of Christ at NBLC

Your Five is an approximate number of people we each need to know whom we can count on and who can count on us. Life is not meant to be lived alone. We share the ups-and-downs together and encourage each other by serving one another and reminding each other of Christ’s work in and through us. Connect groups, various service teams, or select friends and family members provide expression for Your Five.


Think of who you know you can count on when life’s challenging—during the good times (like having a baby) and the bad times (like having surgery). These are also the people who know they can count on you during their own ups-and-downs. Like a hug, this kind of support is intended to work both ways.
You don’t just share life with Your Five, but you also share eternal life. Eternal life is about knowing Jesus. We know Jesus through His Word. So Christ’s Word is central to Your Five. These are people you pray with and for one another. Faith and your friendship go hand-in-hand. At least, this is what we are all learning how to do.
You and Your Five live in the same area and probably know the same people. And so you and they have the same call from God to bless others as you have been blessed. This is as simple as praying together for unchurched family and friends to know Christ. You can even serve together on a team or at a special event.

Who are Your Five?

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