The WISDOM Lifestyle

We want you to grow in your faith (trust) in God—or as disciples. Discipleship at NBLC is summarized by the WISDOM lifestyle. We measure growth through each aspect expressed below.


God calls us together to receive His gifts and His people respond. This is the heart of the Christian life. We receive God’s gifts through His Word and Sacraments and flowing out of His grace comes our living response.

Is corporate worship a priority for you?


The Holy Spirit inspires us to live out the “one another” verses of the Bible. You cannot live out the “one another” verses of the Bible through the hit‐n‐run experience of weekly worship.

Are you committed to faith‐centered relationships through the week?


Jesus’ love compels us to serve others both in our church and community. We each have a God‐given PLACE to serve. Using our “Spiritual Gifts” we serve where our hearts—or our passions—lead. We also apply our natural abilities, personality, and various experiences.

Have you discovered what role(s) you play in NBLC’s mission and ministry?


The Lord motivates us to make spiritual habits a part of our daily lives just like other life routines. Devotional Bible reading and prayer become a regular priority (we all have a regular Time, Place, and Plan for when we eat). Other habits of the Christian life include fasting, generous giving, memorizing Scripture, and studying our beliefs. To remember what are basic Christian disciplines, think GPS: Giving, Prayer, and Scripture study.

How do your “spiritual disciplines” compare with other habits in your life like exercise, eating, sleep, time with friends?


God reaches others through our Prayer, Care, and Share way of life. We each have an average of seven unchurched family and friends whom God put in our lives on purpose. So we resolve to Pray daily for at least one of these people, spend at least an hour per week with that person—because Care is spelled T-I-M-E, and we strive to Share—invite these people to at least one event each month to connect them with God’s Word and His Church.

Who is a person you’ve identified whom God wants to reach through you?


The Holy Spirit will open doors for NBLC to plant churches both locally and globally. We are a church‐planting-church. We were started by another church and intend to replicate this great way to make Christ known. After all, “Different churches reach different people” and “More churches reach more people.” We’re on a mission from God!

How do you see yourself supporting our church planting efforts?