Day 78: Vocations
Your Holy Callings

Take a day to pause and reflect on what you've learned over the last five days.

You have considered some Bible teachings with profound consequences for everyday life. This week focused on the doctrine of vocation (doctrine is just another word for teaching). Enjoy a lively discussion in your group using the following questions. (As a reminder, if you're unable to meet with anyone right now, we invite you to journal through these things by yourself.)

  1. Which day’s reading and/or passage of Scripture was the most significant for you this week? Why?
  2. What have you learned about people (or yourself) in the past day’s readings and prayer times?
  3. What have you learned about God in the past day’s readings and prayer times?
  4. What changes in your life have you felt the Holy Spirit nudging you to make this week?

After you’ve finished talking about your takeaways, take time to share prayer requests and pray for one another (or pray by yourself). Approaching prayer, let’s be honest: the world doesn’t work as it was designed by God to work. Even though God works in disguise in our homes, churches, on the job, and in our communities, all too often we see the devil’s desires fulfilled! Parents and children betray each other; Churches become divided; Underhanded methods dominate business; And controversy seems to reign in politics. But God’s will is not undermined.

Therefore, pray that God will change those difficult things you face in your holy callings. Also, surrender in prayer to the possibility that God may want to use those difficult things to change you. The terrible cross of Jesus not only shows us God’s love, but also demonstrates that God may use terrible things to achieve something more glorious. The empty tomb gives us confidence to trust God in the seasons we must wait to see the outcomes of God’s plan.