Day 75: Vocations
God in Disguise At Church

Read Romans 8:28

A pastor knocked on the door of a member who had been missing from weekly worship. It was a frigid day. A stern‐faced farmer opened the door and gestured for his parson to enter. They sat down before a crackling fire. Not giving the preacher a chance to say why he came, the farmer asserted that he could be a Christian just fine on his own. Without saying a word, the pastor used tongs to get a hot ember from the fire and place it alone upon the hearth. They watched the coal die and turn to ash. The farmer said, “I’ll see you Sunday.”

We’re all tempted to live our faith without the church. After all, when we gather with other believers we inevitably disagree, offend, or just get bored. Today especially, people have grown skeptical of the organized church. Seeing its weaknesses or imagining it should be better, immense numbers of people have stopped attending. We need to recognize that Jesus is in disguise in our churches. The Church is called “the body of Christ” (1 Corinthians 12:27).

God doesn’t call us to go to church, but to be the Church. And so we gather with others to grow in this holy calling. People often quote Romans 8:28 to provide comfort to those going through difficult circumstances. We like how it says, “God works all things together for good.” What often gets left out is that God works all things together for the good of those “who have been called according to His purpose.” God has a purpose in calling believers together. Much of God’s “working all things together” for us is done by God through us. God meets our needs through each other. If we don’t participate in our congregation’s weekly gatherings, how will we know each other’s needs? How will anyone know yours?

Lord Jesus, help me make a priority of meeting together with other believers so that I can receive Your care and provide it, too.