Day 58: What Faith Isn't

Read Proverbs 3:5-6

At baby baptisms, people often ask, “Does s/he even understand what’s happening?” The same question can be applied to adults too!

Faith does not equal Understanding
Ask any married couple if they understand their spouse and the honest ones will admit that they often don’t. That doesn’t mean these husbands and wives don’t love each other. Love doesn’t require complete understanding. Couples do grow in their knowledge about each other, but mystery will always remain. Likewise, faith—or trust—doesn’t depend upon understanding. After all, who can fathom God or even His grace to us in Jesus?

Faith does not equal Feelings
Put your right hand into a bucket of steaming, hot water. Put your left hand into a bucket of ice water. Take both hands out of those buckets and place them simultaneously into a third bucket full of tepid water. Your right hand will feel cool, but your left hand will feel warm. Which feeling is right? Feelings are not wrong, but they are inaccurate for gauging reality. Likewise, faith—or trust—is not about how we feel. After all, we don’t always feel forgiven, but we trust Jesus’ promises that we are.

Faith does not equal Experiences
What time did the sun set yesterday? My weather app states 7:16 p.m. But you know what? The sun never sets. The earth’s orbit obstructs our view of the sun at whatever time our position on the planet determines. Sunrise and sunset are experiential terms. Scientifically, we know that what we perceive isn’t what really happens. Likewise, we experience faith as our own choice, but Jesus tells us that we didn’t choose Him, but He chose us (John 15:16). Thank God because our choices vacillate with every temptation!

Jesus didn’t tell babies to grow‐up to be saved. He actually told adults to become like children (Matthew. 18:3). Easier said than done.