Day 46: Maturing Members

Read Hebrews 5:11-14

Infants may be cute, but they are the most self‐centered people. It’s like the world revolves around them and we all exist to keep them happy. Like codependents, we all jump to it. We change them. We feed them. Even when we hug them closely, they don’t hug back. Babies don’t contribute much. They mostly consume, but that’s expected and, frankly, fitting for their age.

Every Christian begins as a consumer, just as every infant does. But eventually, Scripture expects believers to mature. When we mature we move from milk to solid food. Unfortunately, in too many churches, many who have followed Christ for years are still only looking for what they can get. They move from church to church talking about whether or not they get much out of it.

Caroline was frustrated with a deficit in our nursery. She wanted more programming. She complained that her kids could stay home and play with toys; she didn’t need to bring them to church for that. So she joined a larger church with a better nursery. She reported how gratifying it was to hear her kids singing new Jesus‐songs when driving errands. But then her husband stopped going ‘cause he liked our old church, Caroline found a win‐win‐win solution. They came back to our church and Caroline reproduced what she found at the other church in our nursery. Caroline became a significant contributor in our ministry to younger children.

Are you to get something from your church or to give something? Yes! Church membership is like a hug: they work best both ways. You give one and get one at the same time. So it is as members maturing in their faith among the body of Christ. The hugs just keep getting better as we grow together!