Day 32: Mission Motivation

Read 2 Corinthians 5:13-15

Remember your first kiss? You were not sure how to do it. You were afraid your first smooch might be too wet or too dry. You were not sure about the right amount of pucker or parted lips. But in spite of all your concerns, you still did it! Why? You were so motivated for that first kiss that all your worries stopped being obstacles. Both Christians and not‐yet Christians are uptight about “evangelism” (ironically, this unpopular word simply means “to share good news”). Nobody wants to evangelize and nobody wants to be evangelized. So how do we overcome these obstacles?

The best motivation is love. Love overcomes every obstacle. That first kiss wasn’t something you had to do. It was something you wanted to do. Our love for others becomes our method as well as our motive. When people know we care, they care about what we know (or Who we know). We know Christ. We know Christ’s love. And that is what compels us to make Christ known. That’s about all we know.

Ironically, when Christians are asked what they think will help them share their faith more, they often respond with answers like: “know my Bible better,” “know more answers to scientific or philosophical questions” and other knowledge‐based responses. But consider how my admission of ignorance led Suzy to reconsider Jesus: I saw Suzy every week when we set‐up for worship at a local hotel. She would engage me in debates by posing prickly questions. I responded the best I knew how, but she raised many difficult doubts that even I have. When asked a real stumper I told Suzy, “I don’t know.” She blanched. “You are the first Christian I’ve met who didn’t seem to think he knew all the answers.” Suzy realized that I wasn’t in this conversation to win a debate—or to put another notch in my evangelism belt. I just wanted to be a friend.