Day 29: Want New Beginnings?

Read Matthew 5:23-24

We heard a howling cry upstairs. Our son hit his younger brother with a whiffle‐ball bat. So we asked the same question we always do when conflict arises: “Do you two want new beginnings?”

The practice of new beginnings involves 3 steps:

1. Confess what you did wrong to the person you offended. As you can see, the below exchange revealed that offense worked both ways (it usually does). This also prevents us from saying sorry for the wrong thing(s) or without understanding how we hurt the other.
Older brother: I’m sorry for hitting you with the bat, but you were attacking my Lego castle.
Younger brother: I wanted you to play Legos with me. I’m sorry I stomped on your castle.

2. Next we share forgiveness. Please note that we say the actual words, “I forgive you.” We never say, “That’s ok.” to an apology. After all, what was done was not ok.
Older brother: I forgive you for stomping my castle.
Younger brother: I forgive you for hitting me.

3. Finally, we share a new beginnings hug. Sometimes feelings are still recovering even after confession and forgiveness are spoken. Hugs don’t always come easily. We often say, “If you don’t feel like hugging, hug until you feel like it.” Actions rewire our emotions. Feelings follow obedience.

The Lord’s Supper is a new beginnings event. God restores our relationships both with each other and to Him. That’s why we check our hearts when receiving this sacrament. We don’t want to go to the altar without intention to also have new beginnings with others.