Day 20: Where We Meet With God

Read Exodus 35:4-21

We pay an electric company every month for the power to run all our household devices. Somewhere in our state is a power plant that generates electricity for millions of people. But nobody goes to the plant to get that power. Conduit provides the means, or power channel, to bring that energy to our location. We plug‐in to outlets to receive that vital resource.
Even though God is everywhere (omnipresent), throughout history, He has always provided somewhere to meet His people. The Tabernacle was a “tent of meeting” where sinful people would connect with their Holy God. In that place, God provided grace: the forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation.

Every grace place in the Bible points to God’s ultimate act for our salvation in the sacrifice of Jesus upon the cross. We do not go to the actual cross of Jesus to receive forgiveness, but through God’s powerful Word of promise, we “plug‐in” to that vital event through power channels called, the Means of Grace. We define the Means of Grace as God’s Word (the Bible) and Sacraments (Baptism & Communion). God invites us to plug‐in to these “outlets” to receive His power to live the Christian life.