Ways To Give At NBLC


We don't give to get God's love. Our giving is in response to His all consuming love and generosity toward us. All we have belongs to Him, and we get to respond to His love by living generously.




Download the app through iTunes and Google Play by searching "New Beginnings Lutheran Church". The giving feature in our app allows you to send a one-time gift or set-up recurring gifts all from the convenience of your phone or mobile device.


Text the amount you'd like to give to (636) 200-6872.


Make sure to include the dollar sign before the amount. When you send your first text, you will receive a reply text with a link to register. Click the link and enter your credit or debit card information. Once you complete the registration process, you will receive a verification text and a receipt via email. For future giving, simply send a text with the amount you want to give and it will process automatically.


Bring cash or check to any of our weekend worship experiences.


Simply drop your gift in the offering basket, using the provided envelope. To receive an end-of-year receipt, please be sure to always include your full name and address on your envelope or check.


Mail a check to 791 New Beginnings Drive, Pacific MO 63069


Make your check out to "New Beginnings Lutheran Church."


Click the button below to set-up recurring or one-time gifts.


To give online, click the Give Now button below and follow the instructions to create an online profile, which allows us to send you an end-of-year receipt. Once you complete the registration process, you will receive a verification email. For future giving, simply log in - it's quick and easy!

What's Cannonball?


Cannonball is a two-year splash with a long-term ripple effect. This is a season in which we are being called as a church to go "all in and make waves" for the Kingdom. God has done amazing things through New Beginnings over the year, and now He is presenting us with one of the most life-defining moments we have ever faced. We believe God has a vision for New Beginnings to be an impactful church, a multiplying church, a church that transforms the landscape of our local community and the world.

But it all begins with us. God is calling us to be "all in" for Him, for New Beginnings, and for the ministry He has prepared for each of us. It means leaving behind comforts or fears and jumping into the life that is truly life. When we go "all in" we hope to make a significant splash in the Kingdom in such a way that it will create a ripple effect that extends far into the future.

This is a huge splash. We simply cannot make the impact God has in mind without raising up many more prayers, servants, and dollars. It will take all of us praying, all of us giving, and all of us serving. We encourage you to consider what it might look like in your life when you totally trust God like never before and decide to jump in.

Learn more by checking out our Cannonball booklet.

All In : Making Waves