What Does It Mean To Be Unfinished?

We’ve seen God’s faithfulness week after week as our church is being used by Him to reach people with Jesus’ love. We consider it a great opportunity to help people discover the transforming power of faith in Jesus Christ. Everything God has done in the past has brought us to where we are now, and He is not finished!

This is a time to recognize that God is not finished using our church to reach more people for Jesus – a full parking lot and crowded rooms won’t stop us from reaching more and always making room for more people to know Christ.

NBLC has been entrusted with ten acres in a great context. We have the opportunity to expand our facility and maximize use of our property. We can add a larger worship space, fellowship area, and parking to our existing building creating room to more than double our attendance—even hosting only two-services! Our ministry to youth and children will have twice the space and a caliber of production that will offer exponential growth. And our impact on our community will be immeasurable!

100% Participation

We’re asking everyone at NBLC to trust God with an UNFINISHED faith. While the details look different to each person, it’s something we can all do.

$2M in Generosity

When every person at NBLC practices generosity that reflects a dependence on God, we know it will powerfully advance the work which He has begun.

  • $800K

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  • $1M

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  • $200K

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