What Are We Asking of You?

We are asking for a commitment to this UNFINISHED initiative, both financially and spiritually, as we join together as one church body on mission to make an impact in our community and throughout the world for Christ.

We aim for 100% or our congregation to participate in this initiative as a faith step toward further surrender to God. We are not just growing as givers and supporting the expansion of our mission to our community and world, but we are yielding ourselves individually and corporately to Jesus Christ and His mission.

How You Can Participate

1. Determine how God might be calling you to grow in your generosity to be part of our expanded investment in God’s Kingdom through Unfinished.

2. Commit to weekly worship services to receive what God alone gives.

3. Join us in a small group experience at our weekly F3 Events, Food, Faith, and Fun. And utilize the personal, daily devotions provided in this booklet.

4. Join together in prayer as a church during this defining time so that we will all keep in step with the Holy Spirit’s leading.

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