Letter From Pastor Joe

Dear Faith Family,

For seventeen years God has rallied us together for a time such as this: to share Jesus with thousands of people locally and hundreds of thousands globally. This happens person-to-person and house-to-house through prayer, care, and share among our family and friends wherever we live, work, and play. This also happens city-to-city and nation-to-nation by starting different churches that reach different people. We’ve already been able to experience this work of God over the last 17 years moving from ten people gathered in my living room when we started to three worship services of 400 now—and two daughter churches in Washington and University City as well as house churches in Central Asia!

This is a defining moment in our church! We can look back at the great things God has done in the past AND look forward to even greater things for the future! As people in process and as a church in process, we know God has more in store than the status quo. Our mission, like us, is … UNFINISHED.

Through UNFINISHED we will each take some of our most challenging faith steps than ever before. By recognizing that we are UNFINISHED, our expectations for what God wants to do in us will grow. I look forward to seeing what happens as every one of us increases our commitment to keep Jesus first in our lives and our priorities.

This is going to be a season of transformation for us all as a church and as individuals. I invite you to participate fully—giving it everything you’ve got!

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Joe