This Challenge is for anybody and everybody. Young and old. Men and women. Churched and unchurched. New Christian, life-long Christian, non-Christian. It’s for anybody who’s looking for something more in life. The RLC is unique because it takes Christ’s literal words and gives you practical daily challenges based on those words. Do you have what it takes to really follow Jesus and do what He said? We believe you do!

"What if we could take the words of Jesus and actually put them into practice?"

Free Assessment

This free assessment is designed to measure how you're doing in the five areas of the Red Letter Challenge: Being, Forgiving, Serving, Giving, and Going. Go ahead and take the assessment at the beginning and end of the 40 day challenge. It's our hope that this assessment with help you identify your gifts and talents, build them into strength areas, and that you would use them to make a difference in our faith family and the community around us!


Connect Group Materials

This challenge can be done alone, but we believe the best results happen in community, so grab your family, connect group, or just a few friends and take on the challenge to live like Jesus for 40 days!

Access videos and discussion guides for your connect group below.

Order The Book

RLC Kids is a life-changing 40 day adventure that invites kids to follow Jesus. As they are challenged to put Jesus’ words into practice, they’ll also be taught 5 important targets to shoot for in life. Order each of your kids a workbook today and have the whole family walk through this 40 day challenge together!

Take The Adventure

Reading the book together as a family is a great place to start. To enrich your kids' understanding of what they're reading, make sure they spend time on the fun activities each day offers. We also have weekly take home sheets to guide you through discussions with your kids as you walk beside them during this experience.

Enjoy The Bonuses

The Winds of Redvale is a story about three children who are swept into a new world. The kids go through the same challenges described in Red Letter Challenge Kids! The story begins on page 10, and continues throughout the book. Take the adventure even further with discussion questions and coloring sheets.