Drowning in Addiction

Substance Abuse Awareness & Prevention


The Heartland Values and Leadership Series addresses social topics that are valued throughout our community while providing leadership development for improved action in community settings.

This event will combine community leadership development with substance abuse prevention strategies to help reduce the impact of substance abuse in our communities.

The evening will include keynote presentations and a panel of community experts sharing about local action on the topic.

Keynote Speaker:

Rachel Winograd, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Missouri Institute of Mental Health

Rachel Winograd, PhD, is a Research Assistant Professor at the Missouri Institute of Mental Health (MIMH) – University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL). Her clinical, research, and program development interests have revolved around alcohol and drug use, consequences, and treatment. Dr. Winograd is the Project Director of Missouri’s State Targeted Response and State Opioid Response grants, as well as the Missouri Heroin-Opioid Prevention and Education (MO-HOPE) Project. Her primary focus is on expanding access to medical treatment and harm reduction strategies for those most in need of evidence-based care for opioid use disorders in Missouri.